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Be my Illusion and I'll be your distraction

you've got the beamiest face...

Howie Day
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Hopefully this is one of the first Howie Day communities to hit Livejournal. This one journal is dedicated to a singer/songwriter who has inspired thousands and moved even more. His brilliant mixture of sensitive lyrics and rock-esque guitar make his music stand out from the others of his breed. Anyone, from die hard, longtime fans to curious first timers, are welcome to join this community and just post about anything their little hearts desire. Howie Day is not only about songwriting and music but also about individuality. If anyone feels they just have something to say about anything than do it here. A journal, even in a community, should express how the person feels and that doesn't always mean you're going to stick to one topic. Come here to read about other people's lives and write about your own. Share lyrics or new music you've found, chat about interesting news regarding Howie, or just jot down random ideas about what's going on in your head. In someway everything is a little poetic so a community dedicated to Howie Day is the best place to get creative.

Learn more about Howie Day, himself, by visiting the official website. A link can be found on this page.

//taking sleepy pills for rest, yeah, anxious love gets so obsessed//