I n t o x i c a t e M e N o w . (jpais24) wrote in beamsofday,
I n t o x i c a t e M e N o w .


i'm really super excited because it's just been confirmed by my school that howie day is doing a concert here on april 19th!! what what! :) :) :)

i'm absolutely ecstatic! oh, howie day, you make my life worthwhile ;)
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where do you go? i'm too lazy to go back to the hdtb and check out the tourdates.

and i love your icon. we're listening to the garden state soundtrack at work right now...
shippensburg university! shippensburg, PA ... about 45 minutes north of haegerstown, maryland. (in case you never heard of it!)
i have heard of it. and now i have an idea of where it is. i think he's playing west chester university too. too bad i'm moving back to NJ in 2 weeks. maybe he'll play rutgers or something. hehhe.
that's where i'm from! where in jersey?
well, i'm originally from basking ridge (near morristown), and i'm moving in 2 weeks to west milford (near...nothing). :)
I was just calculating the time/amount of gas it will take me to get to the nearest touring venue. :-)
tickets aren't unreasonably priced either, which is a huge plus!

.: swoons :. i so just totally stole a promotion poster tonight, haha.
I'm attempting to go to one of the dates in PA. They're both over 2 hours away. But whatever, Howie is so worth it. Now I just need to convince my parents of that fact.