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Hi all. I just joined this community as I have a new found love for Howie Day. I only recently discovered him on radio, as he's not big in Australia (yet), but he is rapidly becoming one of my favourite artists.

When I hear Coldplay I want to write "Free Trade" on my hand, marry a celebrity and name our baby after a fruit which comes in red and green, and at a concert dedicate The Scientist to Kylie Minogue's struggle with breast cancer (???). When I hear Franz Ferdinand I want to turn 18 so i can hurry up and go to a dance club where my booty shaking will not look out of place. When I hear Green Day I want to die my hair a darker shade of black, put on platform shoes and eyeliner and thrash my three chords on my ridiculously expensive guitar of choice. When I hear Jesse McCartney I want to punch his stupid blonde head in and take the string noise out of "She's No You", then sit him down and go through the basic rules of grammar. When I hear Simple Plan I want to tell them to stop their emo whining. And when I hear Howie Day I want to do things including, but not limited to, dance, play air guitar, cheer, run around waving my arms, cry, sway, call anyone and everyone, have a boyfriend, break up with the boyfriend, learn the blues, become a guitar hero and feel whatever it is that he wanted me to feel when he wrote the song.

Maybe some of you have also heard of a musician called Alex Waston. I became more interested in howie day through listening to Alex Watson and noticing similarities in their music, so if you are interested, head over to alexwatsonmusic.com and check out great songs like Juliet Road and The Castles are Quiet and My famous Year. It's gold.

Here's the link, should anyone have the time/inclination to go and check it out...

Alex Waston
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uummmm... interesting... Im passing on your words of wisdom to a bunch of people as I type...(I enjoyed reading it) Love Howie Day!
uh, coldplay promotes fair trade, not free trade (free trade pays workers market prices, fair trade pays them enough to earn a living)
i'm exceedingly sorry

my brain was experiencing a temporary lapse of the memory variety, or perhpas i am simply an extraordinarily pompous, ignorant tool.
hey there friend. from australia right? word got to me by someone who saw that you mentioned me on this post. they really liked the music. just wanted to say thanks for promoting me! it helps a lot!! Please continue to do that. it is awesome!! take care!!!

alex w